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Some Of The Most Weird Mysterious Attractions In France

France is a beautiful country with so many things including culture and a dark and haunted past. In case you are looking for the most spooky places to visit do not hesitate you can go to France , see the old and fascinating ghostly places ever. These places are so weird that you get scared but they are worthy good attractions. Let me take you through the most spooky and haunted places in France that are very attractive to visit to.

First , let’s go to Mont St – Michel. It is situated off the coast of Normandy . There is a monastery on the island that you might see once you are there. Also it is believed that there are ghosts of monks and soldiers who were killed at the island , so there is a belief that they are still haunting the area. With some spirits wandering around the island you are bound to find one .

We also have Hardin des Tuileries as another ghostly and haunted place that you can actually pay a visit to. It is connected with the famous French tale of the Red Man of Tuileries. It is said that the Red Man was a butcher who was murdered in the gardens. People who have been there say that he has been roaming the place a long time ago.

As if that is not enough , we have the Chateau de Commarque. It is one of the battle places where a deadly fight happened. It is said that the ghost of the man who was in love with the Earl of Com marque’s daughter haunts the Chateau , he sadly roams the grounds searching for his master. Let me take you to Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Is especially a spooky place as it is one of the largest graveyards in Paris. During a visit you can sometimes bump into a spirit roaming the grounds. Even if you do not see something spooky , it us a worthwhile attraction. We also have beautiful sculptures as well as tombs which you can see here .

Let’s fly to Abbaye de Mortemer too. It is where famous ghosts of people like the White Lady are known to exist and roam around. Among the monuments sitting in the forest of Lyonsin France today . People are said to visit the mysterious area, especially during candlelit ghost night performances.

You can also visit the Paris catacombs or the Chateau de Trecesson. Paris catacombs one of the most creepy attractions in France, where people have been known to get lost only to find their bodies years later. Chateau de Trecesson is one of the most beautiful castles with a sick and twisted history, a headless ghost haunts the castle.